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HIV/AIDS Charity - African Aid Organization Inc. (AFAID)

Helping Children infected with, or affected by HIV/AIDS

HIV and AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa

  • 3.5 million children under 15 are living with HIV
  • 700 children are being infected with HIV every day
  • 600 Children die of AIDS-related illnesses every day
  • A child sitting on the floor in Eseka, Cameroon
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Latest HIV/AIDS Headlines

Murder of an AIDS Activist

The Executive Director of Cameroonian Foundation for AIDS (CAMFAIDS), an organization dedicated to the fight against AIDS and for the human rights... Read the full story »

Maternal and Child Health

The world witnesses millions of maternal, newborns, and children deaths from causes that can be prevented or treated; nearly 99% of these deaths occur in developing countries... Read the full story »